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The Spiral Tower WIP by bpkri
Mature content
The Spiral Tower WIP :iconbpkri:bpkri 1 2
Mirielle - Beauty of Battle
The Beauty of Battle - Mirielle
A flash of light reveals a slim female figure, almost as black as the night. The last thing visible are three long braids of white hair. They flow in the air and paint a perfect arch into the blackness.
Thunder rolls. Thin twin blades reflect dim torchlight. Metal rings catch the lightning of the thunderstorm. One ring around each upper arm. One ring around each lower arm. One ring around the left thigh.
The torch gets knocked down. An inhuman scream. The fire dies out, but just before it does so, dark brown skin reflects the light warmly. Perfectly smooth. Perfectly soft. Muscles play gently. Darkness reclaims the night.
An enemy shield blazes with magical daylight for a moment. The man stands 5'8'' tall. The female is taller. Her graceful dark chocolate face is finely cut and full of agression. Her slim eyes sparkle in red, yellow and orange tones all over, no pupil is visible. Eyes like fiery sunstones. Thin white eyebrows. H
:iconbpkri:bpkri 2 0
White Noise 1
Looking back, Malabeth knew she could have prevented this all. The
destruction of her city was as unnecessary, as the punishment she had to endure
now. What did SHE think? Did SHE abandon her? And why?

Malabeth turned her head. There was nothing here. Nothing except the eternal icy
cold, which showed in the clear sky, as well as in the white plains before her.
Tiny bright stars twinkled above her. A black sky with tiny white points. The
moon above her stood half and casted more light than Malabeth had ever needed or
wanted to see. the snow and ice all around reflecting the light made things
Despite her heavy soft fur-covered boots, Malabeth felt the cold wetness of
melting ice with her feet. Every step hurt. She wore several layers of fabric,
mostly white, with the symbol of HER painted and woven into them. Usually she
would have no need for any of this. HER power would protect her from the
elements. Yet if it be HER wish, for me to suffer here for deeds done
:iconbpkri:bpkri 1 13
Holy Vision - Collection by bpkri Holy Vision - Collection :iconbpkri:bpkri 0 2
Holy Vision - pt 4 - finale
Only a few more steps and she entered the darkness of the old well. The gates were open, torn ajar, partially unhinged by a brutal force, the source of which Malabeth only could imagine. She shook her head. "No, better not think about this now." She could feel her mouth dry as she stepped into the secluded place where the old well should be. As soon as she passed the unhinged gates she could hear a sound, that should not belong here. Rushing water.
Malabeth gasped. She had problems piercing the darkness beyond. Even her darkvision could not help her. The thundering booms were very close now, though, and she could hear them clear. Those were not the sound of an earthquake, but indeed  the resonance huge drums would produce. Then she stopped.  Malabeth's breath stopped for a moment. Her thoughts stopped. Her heart stopped.
For a long silent moment Malabeth simply stared unable to grasp what she was seeing.
In between the five dark holes, that peeled out of the darknes
:iconbpkri:bpkri 0 2
Holy Vision - pt. 3
Buildings grown from the dark stones of the cave lined the street. Debris was everywhere. Malabeth moved careful onwards. She did not wear any shoes, and it did not occur to her that it would have been a good idea to change this. Sometimes her cloak brushed over stones, threatening to tear, when it glid over the edges, but she was lucky.
Suddenly the city wasn't so silent anymore. Whimpering sounds echoed from the opening of houses, shadows ran confused in the dark, too far for Malabeth to see in detail.
Most of the buildings were badly damaged. Walls had collapsed and floors crashed into the levels below them. There were crying voices. Malabeth stopped and turned her head to the side, staring into the dark opening of a building which seems apart from a few cracks mostly intact. Her eyes pierced the darkness without any problem, and thus she could see the bodies inside. Apparently the inhabitants had to flee, when the.... whatever had happened here - the earthquake? ... when it started
:iconbpkri:bpkri 0 8
Kiani Lumines 'Pulsar'
Kiani Lumines - Pulsar
    * Skin colour: turquoise
    * Hair: cyan, long wild waves, like cyan-coloured flames, seeming to glow slightly
    * Eyes: nearly glowing grass-green
    * Built: well trained, athletic, taller than 1,80 meters
    * Name: Kiani Lumines Codename: Pulsar
Kiani Lumines is a young woman in her early 20s, with an athletic physique and a height slightly above one meters and 80 centimeters. She can hardly neconfused with a human: Though her shape is humanoid, and her feautres are like those of a normal human, her skin is coloured turquoise, with her lips of a darker blue tint than the rest of her skin. Her eyes glow green from inside and no iris or pupil can be distinguished in these seas of green. Her hair, a wild mane falling far down her back shines in cyan-colours, a stream of a few wild curls and many waves like flames.
Her face radiates cool passion as
:iconbpkri:bpkri 0 2
Holy Vision - pt. 2
Outside it was still silent. Malabeth was not used to this silence. Inside the temple it made sense. There were thick walls and especially where she slept, there should have been no one awake. Outside it was different. Sure, the city was asleep, but it shouldn't be that silent. Something was always going on, and this night should not have been any different. Only her second glance revealed, that more than just sounds were amiss. All around the buildings were shattered and sundered, deep cracks ran through the ground. They were too far away to make out any details, for the temple was built onto a plateau of stone which rested slightly higher than the rest of the city, but the destruction was obvious even from here.
Some of the smaller buildings had collapsed. When? Malabeth did not know. There should have been great rumbling sounds and screams, shouldn't there? Cities don't collapse on the wim of a moment. Sure, there had been that rumbling sound, but.... the temple? Malabeth turned aro
:iconbpkri:bpkri 0 6
I will not bow again to the terror of a goddess.
I witness my city fall, and I hear my people scream. Even we do beg at times, when the terrors become great enough, but I will not have it again. Not anymore.
We have lived under the demonspider for ages, enduring her terror, down in the dark. Follow her well and you will suffer at the hands of those around you, for they wish your power and position - or they only hate you enough to wish your downfall. Follow her not well, and she herself will punish you, her priestesses will condemn you.
Every day under this terror is a day lost to fear and terror. Sure, the strong ones survive longer, but in the end, there is only terror.
Thus I can never bow to another goddess who merely utilizes us, my kin, our blood, for her games again, never again a goddess who controls us through a web of terror. It does not matter if she is a spider or the goddess of life or a goddess of undead. We have seen where this path leads and we will never follow it agai
:iconbpkri:bpkri 0 7
As she enters the stage, there is a hint of green illumination, like a pale aura. Maybe it is just an illusion. indeed, when looking closely, there is no light surrounding her, but an aura of power, almost tangible.
Green eyes looking, teasing, fixing on you, a sea of green to drown in. Filled with an inner light, a hunger for life, but is it her own, or is it your life she hungers for?
Her green eyes peer sternly from her pale, grey, smooth face, slightly arrogant, deadly serious, but without any hard edges. Her face is a soft oval thinning down towards the chin a bit.
Violet tattoos mark her cheeks and her forehead. Lightning-like structures on her cheeks add to her serious glance. on her forehead, above her eyes lines arch over a simplified scorpion displayed in asymmetric manner.
Her nose and mouth give her something almost feisty.
Her eyebrows have the same color as her skin and are pointing slightly inwards. Maybe this is the strongest feature creating the stern impression of her
:iconbpkri:bpkri 2 0
Malabeth Assirra letter II
Dear Assirra,
the letter was recieved well. The servant who brought it to me sadly is dead by now. I handed him a copy of what I learned from you so far, and gave him into the trust of necromancers. If your words are true, and if he seeks you, there is one more follower for you. You can accept or deny this, but it was thought from my part as compensation for what I said.
And what I am going to say.
You assume the qualities of the Demonspider-blinded in me, when you say, that I know how to appeal to someone with more power. Yet the path of trickery and betrayal you suggest with your words is not the one I am going to follow. I am not a politician. I am a priestess. One of Her few High priestesses. Few as of yet. Our numbers are growing.
I gave you the truth, the truth even you know, and yet don't accept, because only the truth can form bonds that can not easily be broken. It did not work, but then it would not have worked in either case.
Why am I replying at all once more? I am replying
:iconbpkri:bpkri 1 1
Letter to Assirra
This text is a letter written to Assirra, from Malabeth. This is highly experimental, and the first time I actually write a virtual letter.
    DISCLAIMER: This work is purely fictional and similarities to real persons and places are accidental. This piece of ART does NOT necessarily reflect the opinions of its maker.
Everything written here is from the point of view of Malabeth.

    Now, how should I start this? "Dear Assirra, I found a piece of writing, called Xorlarrin records, apparently pages 2867-2870..." No. That does sound stupid. People don't just "find" stuff like this, and I suppose you know that. And it is bad, to start a letter with a lie. Especially, when I want, not to further new conflicts, but rather seek allies - or at least explain myself.
Now that is not to say I shy away from conflicts. But... of that I can talk later.
Let me start anew.
    Dear Assirra,
Due to circumstance
:iconbpkri:bpkri 1 3
Malabeth, Priestess of 'She'
The scenery, drenched in cold light, a tall figure slowly peels herself out of the darkness beyond. A female, as the curves show, about 6'2" tall. Her slow movements have something predatory, a hint of held back power.
Then her face becomes visible. Red eyes gleaming from ebony-colored skin, with white hair and brows. The red of her eyes is slightly dulled by a grey haze, the glance is fascinating, yet warning. The whole expression of her fine, elven features beckons and holds a warning at the same time. There is power in her face, her movements and body, but just enough that it adds to her beauty rather than detracting from it. The powerful tension of a sleeping volcano.
Her thin white brows combined with her mesmerizing eyes, give her a slightly stern look, but the fine nose and slight smile mostly on her lips, turn this into something playful.
Her white hair has a few grey streaks dyed into it. It flows openly and rich down her back, to below her bottom. A wild mane of white and a f
:iconbpkri:bpkri 0 8
dark force of nature
Warhammer and shield
she stands and moves like the storm
true faith unfaltered
:iconbpkri:bpkri 0 0
Holy Vision pt. 1
Holy Vision
In a world, where darkness prevails, deep under the earth, an elven folk is under the firm control of the Demonspider and her priestesses. A society built around the concept of constant struggle against one another, each member striving to become stronger, to be at the top, and never accepting a loss. Though they would never admit it, every single one of them lives in mortal fear. Fear of their goddess, fear of each other. Every one might take away what they have.
In the time of awakening, that is now at hand, some will no longer close their eyes to this reality. And once the eyes are open, there is no way to escape the impeding doom this world spells out with every heartbeat. And every step taken, has its consequences.
There is a new voice in the choir of fear. Listen and see. It is not as if you could escape the voice anymore. Your eyes are already open...

Malabeth rose with short shriek. Her white mane whipped around her head and finally settled down her ba
:iconbpkri:bpkri 2 5
If an elf is an aspect of nature, like gentle running water and a warm summer day, then Malabeth is like a sky filled with black clouds, storm-swept; an approaching thunderstorm just waiting to break out. She can be quite an impressive or suggestive sight.
She stands tall, over 6'2" and with a weight of around 165 lbs. Her frame is tall and somewhat powerful, yet this aspect is far from threatening her beauty. Muscles work softly under ebony colored skin without domination her built. The power becomes more obvious though, with a look into her face. Her features are fine and with a warning hint. The onlooker's eyes are drawn towards hers, when the warning is ignored. Red eyes with a slight tint of grey inviting the watcher to drown in them. Her lips form a dangerous smile like a challenge. The hair is a wild, open mane of white and a few grey streaks flowing down to her thighs, towered by an additional braid at the upper back, which joins the rest of her hair. Her pointed ears explain t
:iconbpkri:bpkri 1 10


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Yes, I have finally startted to write a new story. It took me quite some time and the reasons were rather manyfold. The reasons that made me hesitate in starting to write and hesitate to publish.

What I am aiming for is definitely not a story for children. The main character is a fey woman, someone born of dreams, and cursed with immortality. And I plan to make use of the immortality. If any of you happen to have seen Mnemosyne, you know what you are up for. As for all the others, I just can advice you to read the disclaimer in the PDF and heed it.

You can get the story here. Please note: The PDF is a work in progress and also contains my comments for development. Your comments are highly welcome.

Here is a short preview ...

Under the tree

When she opened her eyes, it was all above her. The great tree. Its leaves were black clouds. Through the dark wood ran veins of pulsing magma. It was the greatest tree she had ever seen. It was the last tree she would ever see.

The woman at the foot of the tree was badly wounded. Each passing moment would bring her one step closer to the ferryman. The pain was long gone. There was only this feeling of cold left.
She blinked.
Why was she here? Where was she? Should she not already be dead?

A man bent over her.
"Your time has not yet come. You are too beautiful to allow to die just yet."
She saw into the eyes of her killer? No, she was not dead, or was she? But that sticky feeling on her belly … the woman lowered her glance and gasped. Her eyes turned wide. Blood! Destroyed flesh! So it was true. It was not a dream. That man's blade killed her! She gasped, unable to speak.

"No, no, stay calm. You are not going to die. I won't let you."
He stretched his arm, his fingers and plucked something from the tree. Her eyes were drawn to it, away from the wound.

"This is the fruit of life."

He let it go. A small thing, like a glass marble. Inside it was a small glowing worm, slowly writhing as the marble rotated. It touched the woman' flesh, her mutilated womb and sank in.

And she screamed.
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